2014 01 Reveal Preppy Chinoiserie

Upcycling movements and DIY are pretty much in a steady pace, and it is not really surprising. Millenials however is somehow unfortunate to have less finance than what their parents had and they do not have enough time in shopping for new pieces of furniture. But this isn’t the only thing that is pushing the […]

2013 01 Operation Bachelorpad

Are you moving to your first bachelor pad and in need of help to decorate it? Fortunately, there are numerous sources in the internet that can truly elevate your pad without breaking the bank. Much like when decorating any interior space, take the approach thinking about aesthetics. At the same time, have a plan on […]

2016 06 Lady Lair Reveal

Isn’t it amazing how small accessories and decorative items can create a big impact in a room? Designers are well aware of how influential lighting, rugs, art, throw pillows and several other accessories could have in a place. Thus, they are using them in the smartest way possible. Decorating Your Room The sad thing is […]

2020 10 27 Hello World

There are countless ways on saving money when buying furniture. Truth is, the same ideas are applied when shopping for virtually anything. If you want to learn how, then stick until the end of this article. Set Your Budget You would not like to go on shopping for those big-ticket items out of impulse. It […]

2019 12 09 Hello World

It is indeed a challenge to try to stay updated with latest trends in interior designing. This is true when you are working on furniture showroom or even a store layout using conventional building materials and techniques. Rather than using permanent displays, turnkey showroom systems are capable of replicating professional interior finishers and carpentry without […]

2014 07 Reveal he Tad Pad

Do you frequently fold or hang your shirts in the closet? This seems to be nothing but if you are organizing your closet, it is very important to take it into consideration. It is for the fact that it will help you find out how much space is needed. Organizing Your Pants Are you folding […]

2011 10 Saturday Soiree Style The Procrastinators Halloween Party

Halloween is one of the most anticipated and decorated holidays of the year. If you are decorating every year to prepare for the Halloween, then you probably know how expensive it can be to get those spooky stuff. DIY Solution But don’t worry as you don’t necessarily have to spend every year in buying decors […]

2014 11 Week 6 One Room Challenge the Reveal

People are making decoration a difficult feat. But what they don’t know is that it could be done in few simple steps. For example, going for furnishings that are family-friendly would definitely get the job done. Think whether children would use it, are your pets will play there and so forth. According to professional interior […]