Week 6 | One Room Challenge: The Reveal

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, the One Room Challenge finish line. I can’t believe its here already.

I am a naturally confident and fearless person, but I have to admit, I’m slurping down vodka a nervous wreck writing this post. Being a part of the One Room Challenge has been such an exciting experience. I swear that the only people who have regularly read my blog before the ORC were my Mom and probably some creeper ex-boyfriend’s.  But since the ORC, every Wednesday my site views are about 10x higher than average and the comments being left are so encouraging. But now you are all waiting to see what I have done, and it’s intimidating! Even for me, The Design Daredevil!  

For those of you who are just joining the party and have no clue what the One Room Challenge is, lemme get you to speed…. Linda from Calling it Home organizes a semi-annual design series for 20 design professionals transform one room in 6 week documenting the progress on their blogs every Wednesday until the reveal – which is TODAY! Eek! We were allowed to use any room we want, one in our own homes, a clients, whatever. I worked on a real life client’s master bedroom, and I loved it.

To get caught up on my project, you can visit  Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, and Week 5. But for those like myself who have zero patience and just want to look at pretty pictures, here’s the quick version….

BEFOREFueller Before 6And now an official Jessie D. Miller Design AFTER… 

Welcome friends…
ORC_lowres-1ORC_lowres-5The bed was delivered.

The bed was delivered carefully.

Very, very carefully.

ORC_lowres-22My seamstress, Jeanette Longfellow, out did herself on the window treatments. The roman shades are in one of my favorite fabrics, Malakos.

ORC_lowres-7A new burl side table was delivered minus a big crack. It’s an absolute perfect accompaniment to my beloved Stephanie Vovas print and Mary McDonald lamps, which weigh about 50 pounds each by the way. Those babies are solid brass and marble. Super, duper,  luxe supreme.
ORC_lowres-12And a lil Hermes never hurt anybody. 😉

ORC_lowres-9Onto the prized piece – the marble mantle. I think it’s just pretty damn much perfect. I’m thrilled with the Rata Silks Portrait layered over the leaning mirror, so chic. A special thank you to my friend Christine for helping me select the white cherry blossoms. I was hard core floral stressin and that lady knows florals.

ORC_lowres-17Oh, “How did that reading nook turn out” you ask? Well, in addition to installing the crown and panel moulding,  and assembling the marble mantle,  Architectural Elements nailed it.

ORC_lowres-27And Mr. Ted Collier absolutely crushed his painting that he titled “Shadows.” It’s completely brilliant.

ORC_lowres-34And I styled the hell out of those bookcases, if I do say so myself.ORC_lowres-29ORC_lowres-38The mirror I originally ordered for over the mantle felt too small, so I placed it over the owner’s original jewelry cabinet, which is also home to a well wishing Buddha from Lamps Plus.  I love how there are two mirrors reflecting the stunning chandelier.ORC_lowres-41Nicole Cohen’s Adidas print lives above the Society Social Chrystie street desk.

ORC_lowres-43I love the tension of a traditional, old world style bust living next to Nicole’s edgy and provocative print. She wears lots of the clients jewelery amongst her perfume collection.

ORC_lowres-45And  there you have it. I really hope you love it as much as I do.

But WAIT! There’s more….

I have a few little surprises…

Since the transformation was so labor intensive, AKA intrusive, the owner was forced to shack up in her guest bedroom during construction. We moved her old bedroom furniture into the guest bedroom, which when I met her looked like this…

photo 1 (3)Well, that just wouldn’t do.

Using a fresh coat of paint, her old bed, nightstands, desk, and lamps I found hidden around her house, I transformed it into a lovely guest suite for her to stay in throughout the chaos.

ORC_lowres-58Some Pottery Barn bedding and a HomeGoods run did some wonders to pull the room together.ORC_lowres-61ORC_lowres-64Good art has the power to elevate a space, so I made a sweet little gallery installation using pieces from Minted with vintage sconces and plates.
ORC_lowres-66I love how tastefully sensual the nude and figures are.

Since I was doing the Master suite and guest bedroom number one, we decided to finish the second guest bedroom as well. This one has a gorgeous antique headboard and a ginger jar lamp, but not much else.
photo 2 (3)The bedding in this room is colorful;  navy and oranges, but thanks to the TERRIBLE customer service at VF Basic, where I purchased the master suite bed, I can’t properly show it off. My client purchased a brand new mattress for the bed and I specifically inquired if the bed required a box spring, to which they informed me it did not. Upon delivery it was obvious it did in fact require one. I basically ran out of time, and had to steal a box spring from this bedroom, so now the mattress is sagging in the middle and we couldn’t take pics of the bed.  This will be fixed in the near future and I will share, but in the meantime I have just a peek…..

These lovely botanical prints from The Pink Pagoda, which I promise look great with the bedding…

As I mentioned in Week 1’s post, my client is very chic and has worked with other high end designers in the past. Before we met, another designer did a beautiful job on her living room. Lots of black, which of course, I like. My client really likes everything her previous designer did, she just asked for me to freshen up the bookcases flanking her television and fireplace. When I met her they looked like this..

photo 3 (3)And now they look like this…ORC_lowres-50ORC_lowres-49I love the white Foo Dog bookends from Lamps Plus.

The mantle needed some drama so another pair of dogs moved in, this time a set of Greyhound statues from Wayfair.ORC_lowres-57I love, love, love them.ORC_lowres-56
One of her favorite accessories I added was this Infinity glass knot from Lamps Plus.

ORC_lowres-48So there you have it. No more tricks up my sleeve. Just a quick recap on the main show: The One Room Challenge.

BEFOREFueller Before 6AFTERORC_lowres-5BEFOREFueller Before 4AFTERORC_lowres-37I will post a source list soon, if there is something you are looking for specifically please let me know if the comments and I will try my best to include it.

But first, I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to my FABULOUS client, who was willing to work with me and my crazy ideas as well as be patient through the at times frustrating process. I am so grateful for you. And to sweet Mojo for keeping me company while I styled.

ORC_lowres-31THANK YOU to my WONDERFUL friend and photographer, Megan Thiele for taking these gorgeous photographs. You are always so professional and patient.

THANK YOU to everyone who has been following along and supporting this challenge. Your sweet comments have really meant the world to me.

And finally, Thank you SO MUCH Linda for including me in this round of One Room Challenge. I am so appreciative.

If anyone is interested, I AM for hire for design services, and other services if the price is right. Just kidding. Kinda…  Any inquiries can contact me -> Jessie@jessiedmiller.com

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  1. Dang girl. Way to step it up to the “Whole House Challenge.” 🙂 INCREDIBLE as always. The detail in that master is just incredible!

  2. Amazing! Can you please share who makes the light fixture hanging from the ceiling?

  3. Admittedly I have not read your blog but from here on out I am in!! What you have created here is pure unadulterated magic !! I am featuring a few of the One Room Challenge rooms on my Friday Favorites! LOVE THIS!!

  4. HOLY AMAZING!!! Man, if nobody was reading your blog before (which I doubt), they are now and salivating to see what you do next!! This master bedroom is superglamchicgorgeous!!!! I seriously want to lick that marble mantle, and the bed is the stuff dreams are made of – all the gold kicks ass against the black walls, and I could go on, and on and on….right down to the books on the shelves, every detail is just top-notch fabulous! Those lamps??yummy! You did an amazing job on the ORC, and the other spaces in this home, and I can only imagine how appreciative your client must be to have these spaces to live in and look at every day!! I have to go now, so I can stalk back through all of your other posts…..

  5. This is just stunning! Love the black walls and that bed is fabulous and my favorite has to be the lamps.

  6. OMG! The master bedroom is so incredibly chic! It is so gorgeous! How lucky is your client to have you do two extra bedrooms.

  7. It really is the best before and after I have ever seen. It’s badass, sexy and gorgeous all wrapped up in one room. Floored!!!

  8. It’s so fabulous it’s crazy! I hope I’m seeing this in a magazine soon!!

  9. I got giddy when I saw that the bed came in time! Fabulous job, I love all of the architectural details!

  10. i’d just like to reiterate what everyone else has said: you killed this space. it is so luxe and divine! i am hoping someone can tell me the who makes the fabric seen on the writing desk chair! love love love!

  11. Gorgeous!

  12. This room looks as if it magically appeared straight out of Architectural Digest. Talk about WOW factor! *swoon* Congratulations to you and your client. And that guest suite is very lovely, too.

  13. Holy shit. Honestly I have no other words. This room tramsformation is so incredible and I’m so impressed with your vision. Wow. And all the extra rooms look great too! You are clearly extremely talented and I’m excited to become a regular reader.

  14. I myself just found your blog and out of all the “Challengers”, I find your room by far the most amazing!! Good luck with your blog and blossoming career–can’t wait to see what you have in store next!

  15. Holy moly – I’m in complete awe of your talent! I can’t even begin to say what I love most about the room – it’s all completely fabulous! Congratulations on such an amazing result – I’m sure your client is over the moon with what you’ve created for them!

  16. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. This is ridiculously amazing.

  17. I just want to say, I read your blog before this, every single time you post. I think you are just so amazing and the skills you have are undeniable. This is so beyond and needs to be published asap. I will continue to read your blog every day– so floored at your talent

  18. Holy sweet mother of christ. I just. I just.

    I can’t even.

    *pulls self together, wipes slobbering mouth*

    This is beyond beyond. I don’t even know what to say. I mean, I would NEVER EVER LEAVE THIS ROOM EVER. Its staggering. The combination of traditional pieces and materials with that sexy as f**k art – WOW. And the black and gold combo. Oh my god, it seriously doesn’t get any better. Maybe my favourite bedroom of all time, for real. Wow.


  19. Wow, amazing work! You should be over the moon!! 😀

  20. What an amazing transformation! I love it so much. I would love if you shared the source of the large neutral colored textured rug in the bedroom re-do. Thanks!

  21. Wow!!! I’m absolutely blown away by the transformation of this room. It’s outstanding!! I’m completely in awe of your talents and super envious of your client who gets to call this her very own bedroom!! Please, please do a post providing more info on the desk. I’m currently renovating and want a home office that’s as luxurious as it is practical – I’ve been struggling to find inspiration until I found your ORC. Congratulations and I’m very much looking forward to your future posts!! X

  22. GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful, beautiful work! x

  23. holy sh*t! That is so fantastic – what a transformation!!!

  24. This is one of the most gorgeous makeovers I have ever seen! The fireplace mantle is so amazing! Can you share where you sourced it? I must have this mantle!!!!

  25. Jessie, this is astonishing. I just cannot say enough about how impressed I am by your talent. Congratulations on a spectacular job. You’ve taken ORC to a whole new level.

  26. Just when I think all the good design blogs have died, along comes one that’s just so BAM, it’s invigorating. I don’t know how I missed you before, but I won’t be unawares now. The transformation is amazing. I’m doing a similar blah beige room to dressier, dark goodness right now, and your “after” has me even more impatient to see ours turn out.
    HUGE Bravo’s, lady! You wear fearless VERY well!

  27. This room is stunning…STUNNING! I want to move right in!

  28. Beautiful lovely beautiful. Where did you end up getting the quilted bedding? Thanks such a lovely , just cool, room

  29. Nora Chavez says:

    You Win!

  30. Where have you been all my life…Just found you courtesy of post by Erin Gates..This is Amazing…Why are all you guys in the US and not the UK…………….*Sigh*

  31. Stunning beyond! Loving everything your did for this Master and Living room! So elegant!

    The Arts by Karena

  32. I am completely blown away by this bedroom transformation! I keep coming back to look at it every day since the finale. Your work is very impressive!

  33. Gurl please. Bravo! Looks great.

  34. Susan Crabtree says:

    Love! Absolutely stunning!

  35. Your blog name suits your fantastic design!!!!! FABULOUS ALL THE WAY!

  36. have to say, yours is my FAVE. Way to go…now im looking for that garden stool…


  37. You’re going to have to excuse my language, but holy fuck! This is straight out of a magazine. Best ORC reveal hands down. The color, art, furniture, everything. It’s so sexy sophisticated. Makes me want to get naked. Ok that’s a bit tmi, but seriously, amazing amazing room. Am so envious of your client.

  38. Lindsay Cowles says:

    Your style is rad. I’m completely and utterly obsessed with everything you did!

  39. Wow, this is just with so much class and sophistication. I love it! You rocked the black paint magnificently, together with all the furnishings and ornaments. I’m just left in awe.

  40. Patricia Harmanci says:

    Beautiful–great ideas. Especially love the fireplace and reading nook. Who makes the bed? Thank you!

  41. Patricia Harmanci says:

    Beautiful–great ideas. Especially love the fireplace and reading nook. Who makes the bed? Thank you!

  42. Mara Lavern says:

    Absolutely stunning room. Love, love, love the reading nook. Curious, where did you find those bookcases? I’ve been looking for something exactly like them. Beautiful job styling!


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