Isn’t it amazing how small accessories and decorative items can create a big impact in a room? Designers are well aware of how influential lighting, rugs, art, throw pillows and several other accessories could have in a place. Thus, they are using them in the smartest way possible.

Decorating Your Room

The sad thing is that, small décor and accessories can break the space too. Decorative items are actually the most economical way of adding appeal or freshening a room. However, if used carelessly, these items can do the exact opposite. The tips discussed in this article will give ideas on how to use these pieces and make the most of it at the same time.

Always, Quality over Quantity

It is true that buying mass produced items are cheap. But the question is, is this what you want to use in your room? When talking about room accessories, remember that less is more.

A unique piece might work best in a space than having tons of small items with no real value in it.

Accessories with the Right Proportion

Remember this, before you choose and place accessories in the room, you’ve got to take time in studying both the scale and the proportion and to what best suited to your space. Basically, proportions and scale are what will help in creating comfortable properties and would not cost that much.