There’s no doubt that everyone wants to have a unique and stylish house that looks as if it comes out straight from magazines. There are times wherein we are so desperate in changing it to the point that throwing stuff away, moving pieces of furniture here and there and buy almost every item and accessory in the store.

Simple Solutions for a Better Space

But in reality, there’s no reason to perform drastic rearrangement or repair. In order to create the optimal interior space, there are few tricks that you need to know.


It is advisable to put mirrors on the closet doors. This is going to give life to the interior space and make a small room look bigger.

A small mirror may also be used as decoration. By using glue and rope, you may turn ordinary and simple plastic-framed mirror in a stunning piece of interior decoration.

Jar Organizers

If you are thinking of how you can make the most of your space, especially in the bathroom, then a jar organizer will do.

Lamp shade as a Piece of Art

You might want to replace old lamp shade with a stylish one. This simple upgrade you are going to make can do a lot of things in the interior space.