Examples of UL 325 Safety Standards In the Design and Installation of Electric Gates

GATES IN NEED OF REPAIRSRendering Fort Worth gate repair & installation service can be complicated by the stunning and intricate designs but it should not take more than a day to complete repair work. The security provided by electric gates to a property is of utmost importance. It’s therefore crucial that repair work or installation is done before the day ends and in accordance with UL 325 Safety Standards.

More often than not, gate repair specialists like 4Sure Gates, offer same-day services while offering guarantee and assurance on the results of their high quality gate repair services.
Same-day services is one of the bases to consider why you need to hire highly trained and duly certified gate repairs specialists. Yet the burden of performing complicated repair on automated stylish gates should not rest on the shoulders of the repair crew alone.

Gate designers should bear in mind that there are several factors that can affect the convenience and reliability of electric gates. The most critical of such factors are the location, the size and the number of automatic doors or gates making up the automated driveway entrance.

Risks and Challenges Faced by Electric Gate Repair Crews

INTRICATE GATE DESIGNIntricate and especially designed electric gates have great appeal because they give the gated property a highly appealing distinction. However, designers must keep in mind that gate repair and maintenance works pose potential risks and challenges in gate repair technicians tasked to handle the job.

Some of the possible risks include falls, electrocution, exposure to harmful fumes of electrical and chemical substances as well as entrapment in dangerous malfunctioning parts.

UL Safety Experts Add Extra Requirements in the Design of Automatic Gates

Inasmuch as electric gates have been responsible for serious injuries and fatalities that take place in the so-called entrapment areas of automatic gates, the safety experts of United Laboratories (UL) introduced tougher safety standards to the UL 325 provisions.

The additional standards require automatic gate designs to put in place two kinds of sensing mechanisms to prevent entrapment. The first requires the incorporation of a sensor capable of reversing the automatic opening or closing of the gate if an obstruction is detected.

The second sensing device comes designed in the form of an electronic eye that is also capable of reversing the opening and closing action of the gate as soon as the eye detects or encounters an obstruction.

UL 325 Safety Provisions Pertaining to Electronic Gate Installations

All gaps measuring more than 2. 25 must be eliminated
Placing of gate controls in locations
far enough from the gate so that operators will not be in harm’s way of the gates they are operating.
Additionally, controls must be installed in locations that provide an entire view of the gate.
Eliminating pinch points and crushing hazards at the end of electronic gates.
Covering exposed rollers with guards.
Placing warning signs on both sides of the gate.