Halloween is one of the most anticipated and decorated holidays of the year. If you are decorating every year to prepare for the Halloween, then you probably know how expensive it can be to get those spooky stuff.

DIY Solution

But don’t worry as you don’t necessarily have to spend every year in buying decors suited for Halloween theme. There are simple DIY solutions that are just lying around your home.

Number 1. Halloween Welcome Frame

Say for example that you have a big picture frame that’s lying around, then you can use this as a welcome frame and cover it in cobwebs.

Cotton and yarn may be wrapped around it to make it a menacing spider web that will spook everyone.

Number 2. Milk Jug Ghost Lanterns

If you have old milk jugs lying around, you can reuse it by turning it as a ghostly porch light in your lawn.

Number 3. Witch Leg Chandelier

In this one, the only thing that you’d need is a pair of stockings (striped is better), an umbrella and pair of high heels. Hanging it from the ceiling, with some cobwebs you have left from making your Halloween welcome frame will definitely make the place spooky.