Decorative accessories using animal prints can bring a different level of elegance and beauty into your home. For instance, having a couple of pillows and chairs with leopard prints on it can create an orderly and traditional feel.

Go with Rugs

Bedroom decoration has a tendency to be done in serene, tranquil, neutral or outfitted in bold design options. However, having leopard rug that is paired with linens and white walls and muted fall shades will allow you to hit your mark. It is capable of hiding stains which made leopard prints a wise choice for flooring.

Covering Pillows

Think of leopard-print pillow too. This allows you to walk be bold without major buying commitment that bigger piece requires.

Most of the top designers are even considering it as neutral design, all thanks to black and brown tones. Meaning to say, it works beautifully in quiet rooms and even in over-the-top spaces.

Leopard prints also create that devil-may-care attitude to rooms. At the same time, it is a fun update antique and vintage upholstered furnishing that needs some updates. And if you think that it’ll look out of place when coupled with classic pieces, you’ll be surprise how it is actually complimenting each other.