Living room is a place where we sometimes have our late night movies, dinner or even evening talks with friends or family. This is that part of the house where people sit together and cherish memories.  As a matter of fact, there are various kinds of themes for living rooms that can be chosen for homes. This is what we will be discussing in the following lines.


Majority of people these days actually prefer to go for contemporary style. This includes modern touch in the living room by using different colors. Modern living rooms have these luxurious articles similar to artworks, beautiful lamps as well as royal vases.


Orchids, floral motifs, fancy lamps and low-level furniture are only few of the key elements of Asian living room theme. This also uses colors like bronze and gold to make the room even more artistic.

If you want to achieve a unique Asian living room theme, then you’ll never go wrong with Chinese and Indian arts to it.


Industrial styles can make the living room look more natural. You can also have metal screen railing or wooden cabin in the living room. Furthermore, you can add pipeline ideas which are sure to make it look decorative and unique.