It’s the living room that is uniting all things in your house. This is the usual setting for making wonderful memories and serene moments with friends and family. With this in mind, it is not really surprising that paint colors used for living rooms will have a big impact on your house’s overall mood.

What Colors to Use?

Following are colors that you may want to try painting in your living room to give it more life.


If you want a living room that exhumes harmony, then you better go with green. This is echoing hues of natural world and is also among the best paint colors that a living room can have. If you do not have enough space, green walls are sure to bring life to it.

Furthermore, green can be subtle and fresh at the same time, making it the ideal alternative for neutral colors.


Have a small space but want to create an illusion that it is bigger than it is? Then go with gray walls. Besides, gray room fits modernist decoration and vintage ensembles.

Say that you are okay with doing experimentations, gray living room walls can give a nice backdrop to show that inner artistry you have. At the same time, gray is a very popular neutral color not just in the living room, but in any part of the house.