Upcycling movements and DIY are pretty much in a steady pace, and it is not really surprising. Millenials however is somehow unfortunate to have less finance than what their parents had and they do not have enough time in shopping for new pieces of furniture.

But this isn’t the only thing that is pushing the popularity of upcycling trend. More and more young people are becoming more concerned about the source of items they are buying.

They are refraining from businesses doing unethical practices or have exploitative systems. Thus, they prefer buying stuff that has no brand name at all.

So what these people do is aside from DIYing certain projects, they are considering repurposing, especially in battered and old windows. Besides, there are many ways on how this can be done like:

Display a Wreath

Wreaths are wonderful decorations for both doors and walls but, it needs a little bit of background in order to achieve appealing look. So why not try mounting on a picture frame which looks really nice.

Consider a Chalkboard

Are you searching for attractive and cute way of leaving family notes? Then if so, why not try a DIY chalkboard from your old window. As a matter of fact, it is a lot easier than what you think. All that is needed is chalkboard paint, which can be bought at virtually any hardware store.

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