It isn’t easy to turn a new apartment and give it that homey feel. This is true especially if you have limited space to work on. Knowing that you’ll not live here permanently, doing modifications make it harder.

Give Apartments that “Home” Feel

Fortunately, you can still perform interior design upgrades that can make it uniquely you without spending ridiculous amount of money.

Wall Sconces

Checking out design ideas for small apartment that involves lighting, then wall sconces would be the best way to go. These can light up your house without having to waste great floor area.

The best part, options for wall sconce may be plugged into walls. Thus, there’s nothing to worry about installing new wiring.

Keep Your Furniture off of the Floor

As a matter of fact, among the effective design tips for apartments is by keeping furniture off of the floor. This is due to the reason that nothing makes small spaces look smaller than having bulk furniture. Rather, use furniture that sits high up the floor. This is going to create an illusion that you have a big space.

The Power of Layering

Covering unattractive space with a nice and beautiful rug is one of the best interior design ideas you can do for small apartments. Basically, it works better if you have tile, carpet or hardwood.