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Hello dear readers.  I have been neglecting updating all of you lovely folk on the decor progress of my own apartment.  The truth is, due once se got into the holiday season, decorating for myself hadn’t been a priority, or in the budget – until now.  I’m back in the game.  Committed.  Making decisions.  Gonna get this bitch done and publish-worthy if it kills me or my boyfriend.

So I’m going to give you a few little peeks into my world.  I took a few iPhone pics this morning to share, please don’t judge the crappy pics or lack of styling.  This is just a behind-the-scenes quickie on what will become, come hell or high water, my masterpiece.

So let’s start off with my most favorite room, the dining room.

Jessie Miller Apartment 4Remember when I DIYed a gold Sputnik chandelier and found my dream brass Mastercraft dining room table on Craigslist? Yea, those were good times. Well, that was just the beginning.

I dining room requires chairs.  Lots of em.  We bought eight black, round-back Louis style side chairs to accompany it (which, in total, cost three times more than what I paid for the table. Ouch.).  I am madly in love with them, and still on the never ending quest to find the perfect host chairs to finally complete seating for 10.  The table is actually large enough to seat 12, but I thought it would look like a cafeteria with all those chairs lined up.  Plus, I don’t have that many friends to come over for dinner at one time.

Jessie Miller Apartment 3My Mom painted a large scale, black and white abstract for the focal point, and I flanked it with topiary filled urns atop of pedestals.  I am pretty much obsessed with the entire situation.  Not for everybody I’m sure, but very much for me.

Jessie Miller Apartment 1I’ve known since birth that I would one day have a wide, vertical black and white striped hallway covered in a gallery art installation.  That dream is very, very slowly becoming a reality.  Al has successfully completed one of the seven walls that make up our hallway.  Dear lord, he has his work cut out for him.  I will cry from sheer joy when they are all done.  And then I will begin creating new projects (It never ends honey!).

Oh, how much do you die over my brass plated swing door that leads into the kitchen? Ja’dore.

Jessie Miller Apartment 2Okay, now on to really exciting news.  I have been hoping, praying, schemin’, and dreamin’ of acquiring a pair of vintage, brass etageres to flank the arched entryway into my living room ever since I signed our lease.  I finally found this mystical pair at one of my fav haunts, The Green Shag Market, way back in the fall. Score!  Except they weren’t for sale. Boo!  So I stalked the vendor and convinced him to sell them to me.  Yee haw!

I immediately began pestering Al to gift them to me.  Like, big time.  Needless to say, he wasn’t as motivated as I had imagined.  Then, one cold, snowy day last week he decided to accompany on a day of errands, errands that included vintage shopping for clients.  We were wandering around the Shag, and all of the sudden the four of us wound up faces to faces.  The pair or etageres and Al and I.  It was a standoff and the etageres won.  Long story short, they were delivered to our apartment on Monday.  Victory! Now I have to spend some time properly hugging styling them so they can live their lives happy.

Also, do you notice that crazy upside down “V” shaped console table in my black foyer?  That was another Craigslist find.  It is so tacky and 1980s and I absolutely live for it.  But, I hate how it’s styled.  Don’t fret, a plan is of course, in motion.

EugineSoon this lovely lady will move in with us and live above the console table, replacing the grouping of faceted mirrors. I can’t wait to meet her.  Then I will decide on a pair of table lamps to flank her and my ibex skull lamp will move into my office.

So, it probably seems all is right in my personal world of domestic design, right?


Do not be fooled by Al’s acts of decorating generosity. Oh no, do not. He has a lifetime of making-up to do to have the slightest chance of redeeming himself for the meanest thing he has ever done to me…

Jessie Miller Apartment Ugly TV He done went and bought an expensive, ugly ass black box and stuck in in from of our window.

Oh the horror! I hate that thing and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s pretty much ruining my life. Except when I get to watch American Horror Story and Beyonce videos on it; then I love it.  But other than those times, I hate it.  And I don’t know where to move it.  It can’t stay in front of the windows, but I refuse to put it above the mantel.  All I know is, I FINALLY decided on what kind of drapes to install in our living room and this guy is ruining that plan!!!!! Ahhhh!  HELP me!


  1. Looks amazing! I love love love that portrait you’re planning to hang above the console table. I’m a huge sucker for antique portraits. Where in STL did you find her?

  2. I’m a big fan of Green Shag Market too, by the way. I remember when they first opened a couple years ago – it’s been so exciting to watch them become one of the best antiquing destinations in the city.

  3. Jessie, your apartment is gorgeous. Such wonderful architectural details! Absolutely love what you’ve done so far and that portrait over the console is going to be insane. Carry on with it!

  4. What a gorgeous dining room (and that table was an amazing find!)
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  5. Well, the black foyer, the black & white stripes, the swinging door, the etagers…LOVE!


  6. Those etageres are to die for!!!! Beautiful stylin’ I am searching big time for a bust…. where can I get one like yours???


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