Have you scanned the pages of various interior magazines and wondered how its stylists created those stunningly beautiful rooms? As a matter of fact, you can also achieve the same thing by accessorizing your space.

Accent Colors

Pick a couple of colors. For instance, going with saffron yellow creates a perfect contrast against pale grey bedding. Then after, add subtle patterns in among the accents to be able to add appeal and couple it with darker hue of grays to have dimension.

Wall Lights

Have more space onto your bedside for knick knacks and books by opting for wall lights rather than a table lamp.

These lamps are increasing in popularity and are available in varieties of contemporary and traditional designs. With this in mind, rest assure that you can find designs that fit all room styles.

Layering Textures

You might like to cosy up with nice throw pillows and tactile cushions. You’ll never get wrong with big knits so preferably, stay with knitted cushions with sculptural quality. Basically, you might want to combine it with woven throws that have contrasting fringe. Remember this, you could never have too many throws and cushions so better try to mix and match tones and textures together.