Bracelets, rings of all sizes and necklaces have the tendency to get lost. This is why organizing a display them can be quite a challenge. The fact that you have to decide as well whether you’d organize them on your countertop, drawer or wall can double the difficulty of the challenge.

The good thing is that, with all the available organizers, it becomes simpler to create your personalize solution.

Check Your Jewelry

First things first, you have to put your jewelry in one place and then, sort them into piles. You would want to separate your jewelry as per occasion and type. Make it a point to inspect each and every single piece for any signs of wear and damage. After that, set aside all items that should be repaired or polished.

Organizing on a Countertop

Say that you’ll be keeping your jewelry on countertop, then you have to use vertical space using stackable organizers or boxes.

This will help you create custom solution. Additionally, you’d find options in materials such as:

  • Glass
  • Fabric-lined trays
  • Metal and;
  • Acrylic

If you want things to become accessible, build it by stacking your modular organizers with the drawers beneath. For jewelry that you frequently use, it is smart to put them on top layer.