Carole Radziwill’s NYC Apartment

01_140219WR-ROBERTSON4506New York is my favorite Real Housewives franchise.  Ramona’s incredible facial expressions. Sonja’s cougar desperation. Heather’s get-hood-real-quick realness. I love it all. But I love Carole Radziwill the most.  Especially her apartment. I have been longtime obsessed with Carole’s Scalamadre le Tigre upholstered sofa.  The sofa was gifted to Radzi from her mother-in-law Lee Radziwill (Jackie O’s sister).  Reportedly she has received offers for the sofa that would “Fund a summer home in France”.

Le swoon.

So, I got slightly uncomfortable watching let night’s episode when Carole appointed NYC designer Wayman Robertson to give her apartment a “face lift.” Would any seemingly straight man ever appreciate such a legendary piece of animal print lusciousness?

Well, he does.  And his re-design is banging.


02_140219WR-ROBERTSON443704_140219WR-ROBERTSON4492Let’s discuss this art.  A nude photograph of Marilyn Monroe with a large red cross over her face.  Everybody knows that Miss Monroe was the legendary mistress of Carole’s late husband’s uncle, JFK.  Is this a read?  I think so.  Ms. Radzi is no dummy.  She knows what she’s doin.

God I live for provocative artwork.

03_140219WR-ROBERTSON4469-EditVintage tchotchke realness.

05_140219WR-ROBERTSON4499-EditIn last nights episode Carole was playing with the idea of gold leafing her ceiling.  Looks like she ended up silver leafing it.  And it looks pretty darn fab.  Also appears that instead of a build-in banquette under the floating staircase she opted for a curved velvet sectional. Purrrrrrrr.

06_140219WR-ROBERTSON4534-Edit-EditI am DYING to use some Phillip Jeffries Rivets wallpaper just like the application in the hallway.  Also, I’m happy to see that the kitchen was left a kitchen. A kitchen with black and white striped flooring nonetheless.

If your space could use a face lift, please contact me  I can hook. You. Up.




  1. I’m glad she kept the kitchen .
    That sofa has your name written all over it.

  2. I obviously need to catch up on my Bravo. I liked Carole’s apartment before but now, wow. Killer.

  3. I haven’t watched since I saw one episode years ago….I can’t take it…but I don’t judge. The fact that she has that sofa with that fabulous fabric makes me forgive and forget. So good! I wanted that fabric in blue for my sofa….but it is so out of budget…..

  4. You know what made me slightly uncomfortable? Watching her eat pizza on that couch! 😉

  5. Diana Jo says:

    Not particularly crazy over the color palette. It reminds me of musty 70’s decor. Not a fan.

  6. Goodness, where do I even start.

    A) I looooove Housewives. It’s the only show I’ve given any real dedication to. I love them all. Except Jersey. Do they even count? Anyway, that’s a whole other convo.

    B) Carole is the coolest chic around and I love how down she is.

    C) Tiger sofa, need I say more.

    D) Hollah!

    PS – the Marilyn art. So clever. More provocative art please.

  7. In love large styles with the tiger sofa and the b/w striped floors…and I’ve wanted x’d out Marilyn foreves. Pretty much want to be Carole when I grown up.

  8. That sofa!! What a gorgeous apartment!

  9. Carole’s my FAVE NY housewife by a longshot! Her pedigree is so posh she is definitely fit to be the princess of RH franchise! When she stated that she wanted to gold leaf the ceiling and her designers were like…”wahhhhhhttt???”…it won’t read as “sophisticated” blah blah blah my heart almost hurt!! How can that installation be any less FAB??? Crazies! What works for one client may not work for another but Carole’s lifestyle screams LUXE! Can’t get any more luxe than $50+sf honey! Thx for the coverage love, pinning as we speak 😀

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  10. I thought I was losing it when I actually googled “Carole Radziwill’s sofa”. I am felling better now I know I am not alone.

  11. Carole is my fave too. I LOVE her sofa, I was afraid she would get rid of it. I didn’t know there was a story behind it.

    Thank You!

  12. I LOVE Carole’s sofa! I was afraid she would get rid of it. Thanks for the back story. The ‘Marilyn’ is from Bert Stern’s ‘The Last Sitting, 1962’.

    • Interesting fact: Marilyn personally X-ed out the photos she didn’t like from that sitting with Stern. He was surprised she even returned them….Makes for intriguing art now !

  13. Can anyone tell me where I can find long mirror!? I have searched everywhere?

  14. I’m looking for the mirror too. Where can it be purchased? Thanks!

  15. I too would love to know where I can purchase that long mirror in her living room, between the windows. Thanks!!

    • Hi Lauren and Sarah,

      By chance did anyone follow up with you regarding where to find that incredible mirror?
      I would love to buy one as well! Thanks!

      • No, not yet. Would love to see if there is a smaller version of it.

      • I have a mirror similar to hers in size. I had it custom made. You can go to a mirroe place, with dimensions, and they will make it for you….and you can have a frame custom made, as well. It’s surprisingly inexpensive. You just have to go to a place that JUST does mirrors. Hope this helped.

  16. Anyone know where she got the metal sun with birds art??? I had one growing up and would give anything to find another one!!

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