Something’s good and bad about interior design trends is that, it provides ideas on what design to try. The thing is, since it’s a “trend”, the buzz about the said design will eventually fade away.

Regardless, these trends will be based on material, lighting and layouts to execute a well-designed space.

Let us talk about one living room design idea that have used best practices in ways that is not just trendy but also, can stand the test of time.

Pastel Design

In a white living room, you may make use pale yellow as your primary accent while having touch of rainbow too. You may have an open layout that wraps around the central volume in L-shape to create better division.

Additionally, lighting can be used in emphasizing a certain area of the living room and catch anyone’s eye on it. The sofa can be arranged near a lamp with artwork behind dining table incorporating colors used in living room. This is going to create seamless design from the living room, to your dining area.

Add Accents

Earthy furniture as well as plants go well in the interior. If you have enough space in your house as well, you can have double-height wall windows to give you with full view of the sky and also, your beautiful landscape.