Are you looking some place in keeping toiletries and other stuff but also want to do it in the nicest way possible? Well, how about turning your old window in an eye-caching bathroom cabinet? Putting your toilet paper as well as shampoo bottles will never look good after this.

Moveable Windows

Experts say that part of a nice design is compartmentalizing space and it can actually be achieved with old windows. It could be transformed into a moveable wall that can divide rooms without compromising openness if ever needed.

This is a nice way of creating privacy when needed and openness when not.

How about a Calendar?

Do you love the concept of turning old windows into chalkboard but afraid in making bold moves about it? Try turning it into a calendar where you can write anything that you have to do for that day. Not only that, you will also get couple of spots for notes that you have.

Jewelry Organizer

Say for example that you have plenty of jewelry, then you may need to be more organized than just having small jewelry trees that can be bought from stores. With such, how about trying to repurpose your old windows in a roomy and creative jewelry organizer? There are many sources online that can show how.