Do you frequently fold or hang your shirts in the closet? This seems to be nothing but if you are organizing your closet, it is very important to take it into consideration. It is for the fact that it will help you find out how much space is needed.

Organizing Your Pants

Are you folding your slacks on a hanger or hanging them the long way? Folded pants need less vertical space and therefore, the ideal candidate for double hang closet.

Aside from that, there are also special pull-out racks that can store pants efficiently. On the other hand, this demands more horizontal space than trousers hanged the long way.

Keeping Your Shoes

Would you like to have a place where you can sit while putting the shoes inside your closet? There are many ways that you can do in integrating seating into the closet, each of which has space requirements. You may do this in a fancy way by having custom bench built in the structure of the closet or leave room for a chair.

Jewelry, Handbags and Belts

What’s the deepest and tallest handbag you have? Its measurement is going to be vital in determining the spacing and size of your purse storage.